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Doc. Terry Moore I obtained my medical degree from Sheffield University, England in 1972 graduating with distinction in pathology, psychiatry and medicine and winning the bronze medal for the best performance in my class in the finals examination in medicine and surgery. For the next seven years I worked in UK hospitals principally in various surgical fields and in emergency medicine becoming by examination a Fellow of both The Royal College of Surgeons of England and Edinburgh.

In 1979 because of likely political interference with the medical career structure in the UK’s socialised medicine system (the National Health Service or “NHS”) I opted to change my career path entering a family medicine practice establishing myself as senior partner within four years and finally retiring from the NHS in 2006.

In 1983 aside from my NHS work I entered into a contract with South Yorkshire Police (a major UK police force) to provide the police with a medical on-call service. The contract remained active for almost 27 years until September 2009 and during that time I conducted around 40000 medical consultations for the police relating to prisoner fitness for detention and interview because of injury, illness and alcohol or drug intoxication or withdrawal, examination and interpretation of injuries including domestic violence, examination of the victims (adults and children) and perpetrators of sexual crime, collection of forensic specimens, examination of prisoner and police officers following allegation of assault by police, DUI procedure for both drug and alcohol intoxication and initial examination of dead bodies at a possible crime scene to give an opinion as to likely cause and time of death. Around 800 of these examinations have been related to sexual offences. I have written around 600-700 evidential statements for the criminal courts and given evidence in UK criminal courts on around 100 occasions. For the last five years of my contract with the police I was Senior Forensic Physician responsible for physician recruitment and discipline, duty rotas and medical codes of practice adopted by the Force. I have also been retained by defence attorneys all over the UK and on one occasion in Spain in order to provide a critical appraisal of the prosecutions medical evidence and give evidence at trial.

I have attended over forty seminars lecturing various aspects of forensic medicine including writing reports and testifying and I have also lectured on sexual crime to police officers. In 2006 my forensic medical colleagues elected me to be a founder member of the Faculty of Legal Medicine of the Royal College of Physicians of England and I have also been a member of the American College of Forensic Examiners International since 2005.

In 2000 I began undertaking medical examinations of personal injury plaintiffs and for each individual writing a medical report at the request of UK personal injury attorneys for submission to the civil court. These reports usually followed relatively minor road traffic accidents in which the plaintiff sustained soft tissue spinal trauma (“whiplash”). By September 2009 I had written around 7000 such reports becoming experienced in assessing the veracity and reasonableness or otherwise of the plaintiffs symptoms, the appropriateness of continuing treatment and the likelihood of long term sequelae.

As a consequence of a long held ambition to live and work in the US in November 2007 I applied for a visa to the USCIC as an “alien of extraordinary ability” based on my forensic medical reputation, expertise and experience. The visa application was approved in March 2009.

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